Miranda's Rescue, a Partner in our HumCo Community!

Here are just a few of the wonderful services we offer to our community and a list of the Humboldt County Programs and Organizations that we have worked with over the years! For work group tours or therapy visits please call Shannon Miranda at 707.498.4448

Our rescue allows unlimited visiting time throughout the year for local organizations to come and recieve as much love and pet therapy as their hearts desire from our sanctuary animals.

Shown below are chaperones & courageous clients from Making Headway of Eureka, a center for rehabilitating people suffering from brain injuries. Click on either image below to visit their website.

Brothers David & David love horses!

We hire some amazing people through the Humboldt County Calworks & Welfare to Work (WEX / OJT) Social Services Branch which helps welfare applicants find jobs. Some of their services include career & vocational counseling & job search skills. For more info call 707.441.4600.

We work with Eureka & Fortuna High Schools Transition Partnership Program which is an high school community program where students work for a business to develope job skills to ready them for the working world.

The rescue invites challenged adults from the Diane Cathey Center to come to the thrift shops to dust and wash clothes and visit the rescue to pet cats & dogs and/or visit our sanctuary animals while handing out yummy treats.

Other outreach programs include working with The Volunteer of the Redwoods Senior Center & Experience Works for seniors.

Many of Humboldt County's troubled youth & adults come to the rescue through the probation program to work off their community service hours too.

We work with the Step Up program. Humboldt partners came together to create private/public partnerships that match kids to jobs emancipating from foster care.They do not provide or promise jobs. They match kids with specific skills and interests to employers with specific needs. A youth’s work readiness is assessed and matches are made based on testing and one-on-one case management. Transition-age foster youth are their priority though all youth are eligible. We also work with other youth programs such as Multiplicity and Workability!!!!

Our thrift shops accept clothing vouchers from the Fortuna & Rio Dell Family Resource Centers, The Wiyot Tribe & Humboldt County's Public Health Social Services Dept.

Our thrift shops also donate clothing, furniture & other neccessities to help low-income and/or disaster relief families. The rescue also gives warm clothing & blankets to the homeless as well as provide other organizations vital materials to aid their outreach programs.

Our rescue donates unlimited usuage of the rescue's arena to teach foster children about horses. The children along with the horses unfortunately have come from abusive situations. The bond made between them is therapy not only for the children, but for the horses too.