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Miranda's Rescue Board of Directors
     Shannon Miranda - President / Founder
     Brian Paris - Treasurer / DM

Large Animal & Exotic Animal Adoption/Rescue
     Shannon Miranda

Dog & Cat Adoption/Rescue
     Manager - Shannon Miranda 
     Office Manager - Maria

Dog Training

Ranch Hands
      Mike - (handyman)

​      Thomas

Cute Little Critter Foster Care

Puppy & Kitten Foster Moms

      Roy Equine
      Ian - Equine / Large Livestock
      Jessica - Mini's / Goats


Riverwalk Veterinary Hospital
      Ferndale Vet & Fortuna Vet

We bid a fond farewell to our Rescue Mascot Skyy, a 180lb Harlequin Great Dane. Skyy could be found wagging his tail all day long around the rescue grounds. He was just a big happy-go-lucky guy who loved everyone! We miss you terribly big boy and our lives will never be the same without you. Shown below was one of his favorite things...getting a massage from our friend Kimber; and he loved to curl up in small dogs beds. That was Skyy, a silly goofy good boy. Dear sweet ole' buddy, now you have no more pain in your hips and now you can jump and play all you want in Doggie Paradise. Much love from your Miranda Rescue Family. Rest in Peace 2007 - 2015. 

Miranda's Rescue For Large & Small Animals is a no-kill rescue, adoption & sanctuary facility that brings relief to hundreds of distressed, neglected, abused & discarded animals, large & small, every year. We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt public charity organziation, EIN #68-0417389.

Miranda's Rescue is a 50 acre facility with 30 working acres. We are located on the corner of Drake Hill & Sandy Prairie Roads. Our property is divided into two sections. The Drake Hill Road Entrance houses our wonderful, hugable and adoptable dogs, puppies, cats & kittens while the Sandy Prairie Road Entrance houses the large & small animals up for adoption as well as sanctuary animals.

We rescue dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, small mammals, domestic and game birds, tropical birds, livestock, & exotic animals such as alpacas, emus & llamas and many whatever other critter needs our help and we can accommodate. Some of our animals have found permanent refuge at our facility. Click our Link on the left "Sanctuary". There's no type of animal that we won't rescue. We've even had camels residing here before. Many of the animals are adopted out to loving homes while others live permanently on the rescue grounds as sanctuary residents.

Miranda's Rescue has been recognized by the California State Assembly as the "Best Sanctuary For Abused Animals in Northern California" & the Red Cross named founder, Shannon Miranda, one of "Humboldt County's Heroes". The California State Assembly also recognized Shannon for his help with the probation youth of Humboldt County.

Many people do not know the difference between a shelter and a rescue/sanctuary. WE ARE A RESCUE/SANCTUARY not a shelter. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.


ANIMAL SHELTER: Shelters are government funded. This means that all expenses like vaccines, flea, worming, heart guard prevention and spay/neuter are paid for at a low cost by the government. When an animal at a shelter becomes ill or the shelter is too full, the only outcome is euthanasia. This is to prevent the spread of disease in the shelter and to make room for new animals otherwise millions of animals would be dumped alongside the road. It's less costly to just "get rid" of the problem then to treat. The government simply does not allow the funding to treat all of the animals in need.

WE ARE AN ANIMAL RESCUE AND SANCTUARY: An animal rescue/sanctuary takes on the expense at full cost and also doesn't euthanize just because an animal becomes ill or to make room for new animals. When our rescue is full, we don't take in any new animals. Adoptable animals stay at our sanctuary until we find a loving and permanent forever home. We reserve humane euthanasia for terminally ill animals due to disease, injury or suffering that can't be alleviated and for animals that show signs of a behavioral or temperamental defect that can't be rehabilitated where placement would constitue a danger to the public or animals who would pose a public health hazard. The term unadoptable will vary between individual municipalities and rescues. Any humane euthanasia is performed and approved by licensed veterinarian clinics who are very well known and respected in our community. Our rescue always has and always will do everything possible to save an animal's life!

WE RECEIVE NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING: Government funding is reserved for an animal shelter. We are an animal rescue. We have two city contracts with Fortuna and Ferndale that is "City Funded" not Federally Funded. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Per these contracts, we take in any animal that is turned-in or picked up by local law enforcement in these two cities. Any wildlife is picked-up by the Wildlife Care Center.

OUR RESCUE OPERATES FINANCIALLY with proceeds from our thrift shops in Fortuna, Eureka, McKinleyville & Garberville along with adoption fees, creative and innovative fundraising projects & donations from the private sector.

Ways you can make a monetary donation: 1.) Click on the donate tab on our website to donate via paypal and to see a list of other ways you can donate. 2.) Call our Treasurer, Dean, 707.616.5018 with a credit card over the phone. 3.) Stop by one of our thrift stores and leave a check or cash at the front counter. 4.) You can mail a check to Mirandas Rescue, 1603 Sandy Prairie Rd. Fortuna, CA  95540. All funds are directly deposited into Miranda's Rescue Primary Nonprofit Business Account.

The rescue would not be where it is today without its hardworking and dedicated staff & volunteers. Presently the rescue has 7 full and/or part time employees plus 1 outreach/county paid employess with an ongoing rotation of 20 part-time part-time volunteers! This does not include volunteers who stop by randomly or in outreach groups which totals over 100. Our 4 thrift stores have 17 (mostly part-time employees), 1 County paid employee and anywhere from 40-70 full and part-time volunteers throughout the year. Bless all of you for believing in the rescue's mission...to save as many animals as we possibly can! Whether you made a contribution, adopted one of our furry companions, transported animals, shopped at one of our stores, worked at an event, cleaned a horse stall, walked a dog, cleaned an enclosure or kennel, sorted clothing or answered phones we want to sincerely say to you - THANK YOU for your support in helping make our community a better place to live.

Don't forget to make adoption your first option at Miranda's Rescue. RESCUE * HEAL * EDUCATE! Please spay & neuter your pets! If you have question, email us at
info@mirandasrescue.org or visit us at www.mirandasrescue.org.


Shannon Miranda grew up in Ferndale, CA (Pop. 1,400)...home of the famous “Avenue of the Giants” (Redwood Trees). Contrary to his nature, he was born into a family of hunters and grew up saving whatever critter he could. He gained respect and experience while training mustangs in high school.

In October ’94, Shannon’s life forever changed. While working at a local lumber mill, he fell 30ft through an unstable floor, which left him wheelchair bound with a broken neck and back. The diagnosis was that he would never walk again. For Shannon Miranda, this was a “wake-up call”. He was seriously injured and unable to return to any form of a structured job and father to a 5 day old son. Shannon is not one to lie around feeling sorry for himself. Working with animals was his true calling. Raising his son and doing rescue work became his form of physical and emotional therapy.

It was one year before he was out of the wheelchair and walking again. And by that time, he had already acquired a menagerie of rescued horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, a possum, and a family of raccoons, even guinea pigs. Needless to say, with an ever-growing need of animals in search of loving homes, Shannon’s rescue quickly outgrew its surroundings at his trailor home in Ferndale. He soon moved to the Ferndale Coppini Dairy. It was here in 1998 that he incorporated as the nonprofit, Miranda’s Rescue For Large and Small Animals; a no-kill rescue, adoption and sanctuary facility. Believing in controlling the pet population, all cats & dogs are spayed or neutered before placement.

His operation was such a success that within four years Shannon once again outgrew his spot on Coppini Lane. In late 2001, the rescue moved to a 50 acre ranch that had 30 usuable acres to build on. It came complete with a barn, plenty of room to expand, horse trails along the Eel River & bordered the greenway boardwalk to walk the dogs. Ironically, it was the very same place where he began understanding & learning about animals during his teen years with his friend Bonnie Tanferani who operated, what she called a Funny Farm for Animals.

Right Shannon, Blake, Mikayla & Logan riding in the Fortuna Rodeo Parade

Above is our good friend Rachel and Breezer. He is one of the many lifetime sanctuary animals at the rescue. This would be the last photo taken of him. In 2011, the rescue had to lay the handsome Breezer to rest at the ripe ole' age of 29. He had many incredible years living at the rescue. If Breezer could share his fondest memories, it would be taking foster children on trail rides, being a mentor to other horses on how to behave and spending time with his doting Miranda's Rescue Family. Rest in peace big guy. We shall miss your sweet personality and gentle soul. You gave many young children a true belief in themselves that they "matter". Thank you for many wonderful years. Love Shannon, Kim, Blake, Mikayla and Logan Miranda.