The Incredible Edible Egg

November 2014 Update: No eggs are sold during the winter months. We will resume sales again come Spring/Summer 2015.

We launched our Egg-Spectacular Sales in Spring 2011 and our demand has only grown since! Our farm-fresh, free-range eggs come straight from our rescue and collected fresh daily. They are processed and shipped to our Fortuna Thrift Store once a week. Price: $4.00 p/dozen. First come, first serve basis. No pre-orders, thank you.

The majority of our eggs are Tan, but we do have a few white, brown and bluish green eggs from time to time.

Deleware Hens - Tan
Araucana Hens - Bluish Green
Leghorn Hens - White
Rhode Island Red Hens - Brown

Dept. of Food & Agriculture
Egg Quality Control Program
Licensed California Egg Handler
County Code 12
Handler Code 1167

Just a few of our "lucky" sanctuary hens enjoying a day out on the rescue grounds

Revenue from our egg sales has allowed us to upgrade our henhouse!
Thank you to all of you who buy our eggs!

Our big-hearted Volunteer JoLynne donates her time processing our
delicious eggs & helping with thank you's. Thanks Jo!!