Happy Endings

Happy Endings

We never hear enough about happy endings since many of our rescued animals often arrive with shaky beginnings. We are always glad to hear from our adoptive families. Please include a picture of your family and friends with the animal you adopted and tell us how you're progressing. Hopefully as time and space allows, we'll post it here and/or in one of our newsletters. Email the info to shannon@mirandasrescue.org. Thanks for sharing!

Neil & Sophie (formerly Wiley & Sugar)

Dear Miranda’s Rescue: 

Elizabeth and I wanted to send a note letting you know how much we appreciate all the hard work you do. Without doing what you do, our family would not be what it is today! You see, we consider the animals at Miranda’s Rescue to be in a transition state. You sustain these animals through hard, selfless work in the hopes that they get every opportunity to move on and live happy, fulfilled lives.
We have humbly tried to live up to the responsibility that you have passed on and entrusted to us. On a daily and continual basis, we strive to provide things such as leadership, exercise, structure, stability, and love to the two dogs we’ve rescued. By doing so, we have gained so much in return which we can’t begin to describe. 
We adopted Neil (formerly known as Wiley) in December 2009. Neil is a sweet boy who is very observant, calm, intelligent, and gentle. We later adopted Sophie (formerly known as Sugar) in October 2010. Sophie is an absolute sweetheart with a good temperament and an eagerness to please. Both are in good health and in good spirits. They get along beautifully together and love to play. We have really become one big happy family. Thank you again for all that you do. Hopefully this note lets you know that all of the hard work is very much appreciated and not at all in vain. 
David & Elizabeth Dominick

Greetings Shannon and Staff-

We adopted Murphy in November 2009. After some ups and downs, this seems to be a nice match. He seems to love his new home and we are enjoying him as well. Here is a recent picture of this lovable "lap dog".


Alisa and Paul Jerland
and Murphy


Zim is the black lab!


We just wanted to let you know that Zim is doing really really well
here with us. He is a great boy, and he is settling right into our
home. He and our 16 year old female lab mix Chyanne get along as well
as can be expected given the age difference. He is very respectful of
her fragility (of course on the beach he gets a little excited and has
a hard time controlling his actions, but who could blame him?) He also
gets along well with our two cats. We are all getting to know him, and so far we love what we see! He is very well behaved on walks on leash, and as long as there are no other people or dogs to play with around he listens really well. He really just wants to play with every one he sees! The first week we had him he was able to come with me to work and wait in the truck for lunch time and break time walks, and he was very well behaved. He learned how to use the doggy door after the first time we showed it to him, and the dog bed we bought for him on the way home is now Chyanne's since he decided he likes her old one better. We are so very glad that your organization does such a great job of caring for animals and keeping them healthy until families like us can come and take them home with us. Thank you for all that you do for animals in need, and thank you for bringing Zim and us together.

Thanks again,

Craig and Molly Wasko