"The Doggie Dorm" FUNdraiser! (Formerly The Canine Castle)


MIRANDA'S RESCUE Doggie Dorm Project

A PAWSitive Community FUNdraiser

     Shannon Miranda, Humboldt County’s hero of animal rescue, with the help of many local heroes, is building a Doggie Dorm on Doggie Dream Street at Miranda’s Rescue in Fortuna. This crucial structure is truly a community project and signifies our opportunity, as both businesses and concerned individuals, to offer our collective support of this long-imagined royal habitat for Shannon’s bevy of canine orphans so anxiously awaiting adoption.
     This funding campaign is for the construction of a 50x180x15 (highest peak of the roof) 9,000-square-foot building, designed and conceived to safeguard the rescue’s homeless canines from Humboldt County’s often brutal winters. All the outdoor kennels will be moved indoors, adoptions will flourish and volunteers, no longer required to slosh through muddy grounds in winter, will abound! A grooming room, family bonding area/exercise space, a cozy office, reception & break room, food shed & storage space are planned for the building.

      Winter is inevitable: It’s when the rescue loses kennel volunteers, when adoptions decline, and when the desperate dogs awaiting intake must be turned away from the no-kill facility for lack of space. This is a plea to those many compassionate North Coast animal lovers and around the world for help in completing the DOGGIE DORM project!

      Thousands of otherwise doomed companion animals have been saved by Shannon Miranda, a charismatic young man who, 19 years ago, responded to Humboldt County’s shameful, historic lack of resources to protect our cherished animal community, the most vulnerable and innocent of our society.

     Miranda’s nonprofit organization is supported exclusively through donations, their four thrift stores, grants and fundraisers. The rescue has the distinction of being the only rescue facility in Humboldt County – a 4,412-square-mile California region with a disastrous pet overpopulation problem – to intake, care for and safely place not only dogs and cats, but abandoned and abused horses, llamas, camels, pigs, birds, rabbits, chickens, reptiles, amphibians and about any other large and small animal that they can save.
     Let us take this opportunity to reciprocate with some magic of our own! Let’s conjure up the money to complete Miranda’s Doggie-Dorm (aka The Canine Castle)! Together we can Dream, Believe & Achieve!


This creative funding campaign, which is ongoing until all the funds are raised, began in 2007 and was halted from 2008 - 2012 due to contractual disagreements with the building manufacturer, staffing issues and especially the economy. In March of 2012, Dean Paris, our Treasurer, single-handedly took on this challenge. Dean states that in 2007 the rescue raised $23,850.00. These funds paid the deposit for our General Steel Building which is still valid. Since the campaign's successful rebirth in March 2012, Dean states the rescue has raised an additional $32,150.00 bringing our grand total to $56,000.00. It took Dean over a year to sort through all the paperwork and to search for our Doggie Dorm Contracting Partners. During Fall/Winter 2013 Dean began working with the fantastically-talented local companies Pacific Affiliates Engineering & Cleek Co of Eureka. These companies have created our new "DOGGIE DORM PROJECT PLANS!!!"



I had Simon at P.I. upload to our website the new renderings of the outside and inside views of the DOGGIE DORM (see above images). Thank you Simon at Precision Intermedia for teaming up with me and bringing our vision to life. DJ of Cleek Co & Travis of Pacific Affiates have done amazing work creating our building plans. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work! Our final plan revisions have been submitted to Cleek Co and General Steel. These revisions have been completed. By November 3, 2014, we should be recieving from Cleek Co. a project cost estimate, a detailed outline describing each phase/sequence of our project and also I will list any preliminary work that has already been completed and paid for in preparation for the Doggie Dorm. Just in the past few weeks, Fortuna's Friesen Construction unfortunately had to back out as our building contractor due to our project being outside of their comfort zone. They are more of a residential/upscale home builder rather than doing "ag" style buildings like the Doggie Dorm. We appreciate their honesty. Thankfully, we already have been referred to an amazing company based in HumCo that has shown great interest in our project and will be submitting a bid very soon. And to every person that has ordered a brick, tile or bench, THANK YOU!!!! We have many of these items stored at the rescue property waiting for the day we can lay the bricks for our walkway, lay the tiles in our adoption office and place the benches around our doggie dorm plaza!!!!  ~Dean~ Treasurer & Doggie Dorm Team Lead


We received our Doggie Dorm Construction Cost Estimate and Schedule back in November as promised. DJ you knocked it out of the park. It is very thorough and precise. You are brilliant my friend!

Grand Total Price Tag $875,000.00. 

If one of our countless supporters has a philanthropist contact who believes in second chances for animals in need, have an amazing fundraising idea or can direct me to grants and foundations who can help, please call me anytime at 707.616.5018 / email: dean@mirandasrescue.org

Shannon started rescuing animals 35 years ago.  In 1995, he finally pursued his passion full time and started Miranda's Rescue. He has dedicated his life to rescuing, healing and adopting large and small animals. All the while, educating our community and helping others. Shannon has breathed life into thousands of animals that would have otherwise perished. He is a Hero to so many! Shannon thank you for giving a voice, food, shelter, vet care to animals in need. You are a HERO in our community!



There are a number of ways you can donate to help with this project. All donations are tax-deductible.

      -You can mail a check to Miranda’s Rescue, 1603 Sandy
        Prairie Road, Fortuna, CA 95540 with Doggie Dorm in the memo.

      -You can click the "Donate" link to the left on any page of our website and make a  
        donation via Paypal with a comment saying Doggie Dorm

      -You can donate a car, rv, boat or other vehicle of transportation. 

      -You can name Miranda's Rescue as a beneficiary in your Living Trust or Will

      -You can purchase an engraved brick, which offers you a chance to permanently 
        place your message in stone on the Doggie Dorm walkway. Go back to the   
        FUNdraising page and click the brick for an online printable application.

      -If you are unable to donate money, you can help out the rescue in other ways by
       donating your time or items to one of their four thrift stores or volunteering at the
       shelter; click the "Volunteer" link at the top of our page for a printable application.

     If you have any questions regarding this information, creative ideas to help raise funds for the Doggie Dorm or looking to donate labor to build the dorm, please contact Dean Paris at 707.616.5018; dean@mirandasrescue.org.


Together we can Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Sadly our beloved Doggie Dorm Go-Getter Therese Moschetti left this world to be with our heavenly Father on 7/21/12. Her untimely passing has left those at our rescue heartbroken. In the few short months that Therese was part of our lives, her passion was evident in anything she did for us. From soliciting for donations, to volunteering at our events to feeding the animals especially the baby goats with her granddaughter Irena. Bless you Therese Moschetti for your spirit! We will miss your smile, your willingness to help wherever we needed you and your super hilarious sense of humor. We love you. May you rest in peace! Therese, our Angel, we will never forget what you did for us and the animals. Shannon & Dean