Meet Diedre, the 1 year old pirate kitty. Here's what she has to say: My siblings and I were being given away outside of Safeway when we were just a couple months old. We didn’t have the best socialization with humans while we were growing up so when we came to MR we were pretty shy and scared. It took me the longest to feel comfortable around humans which caused me to end up growing up at the rescue instead of adopting out. Even though it took a long time, I started to come around with the help of tube treats! Food is definitely my biggest motivator and tube treats are my all time favorite. If you want me to love you, just feed me one. As time passed on, I realized I didn’t really like or get along with other cats. I’m happiest by myself. With just one exception, my friend Lovey. We have a huge age gap but Lovey and I have become really good friends. Mostly we bond for our general dislike of the other cats. We are a bit of a funny pair but we are each other's closest friend and would love to be adopted together. I can do well on my own as I do enjoy being the center of attention and getting all the love, but life would be better with my buddy Lovey at my side. 

Sweet Dierdre recently had surgery to remove her eye.  She is recovering nicely.  We would love to find a foster or foster-to-adopt for this girl.  Please call the office at 707-725-4449 if you might be interested in helping this little pirate kitty :-)




Black DSH


dob approx. 9/1/22




December 2022

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