Thank Yous

Thank you to everyone who has helped us over the years! It would impossible to list everyone who has made our mission possible, but here are just a few. If you want to be added, whether you gave $1.00, another amount or helped us in any way, please email us at!!!! God Bless all of you for your giving hearts!!!!!

TO MEREDITH LANGELY for having an Angel's heart for our rescue. Your GENEROSITY has shattered the stratosphere! We are so thankful for your continued financial blessings. And we can't fail to mention that your additional monthly pizza money keeps us going strong! WE LOVE YOU!

TO JOHN CONNELLY for your continued support over the years and your huge heart for wanting to help the animals in any way you can. John you will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for your friendship, insight and financial blessings!

TROOP 47 / PACK 47 ROCK!!!! Look at the mountain of wonderful donations they brought to the rescue! These incredible kids with big hearts did donation drives at Costco, Fortuna Feed & the Farm Store for us. They brought cash too! Thank you to our local business' for their support in letting Troop/Pack 47 help the animals! Thank you Leader Joe McKenzie & his wife for putting this on for us! Bless you all!

OUR COMMUNITY ROCKS! We raised $3,000.00 for the rescue with our Fall/Winter 2011 Truck Raffle! Jeannie Watson of Fortuna was our lucky winner. Kayleen pulled the winning ticket! Kayleen is part of the
Diane Cathey Center’s Adult Day Care Outreach Program and she has been coming for years to see the animals and help out where she can at our thrift stores. Jeannie happily explained to us that she purchased her four tickets in hopes of winning the truck for her grandson, Chad. The rescue sold 900 tickets at $10 each! Bless everyone who purchased a ticket and madethis fundraiser a huge success! All proceeds went towards feed and care for the animals.

Photo L to R: Elmer Watson, Chad Watson, Logan Miranda, President & Founder Shannon Miranda, Jeannie Watson, Riley Watson, CFO Dean Paris, Thrift Store District Mgr. Brian Paris.

Aidan Blue Enright age 7 poses with rescue owner Shannon Miranda. Aidan Blu wanted to do something different for his birthday this year. He told his mom, Stefanie, it's great to get toys, but I want to help out Miranda's animals. So he had everyone bring money instead of gifts. On a bright sunny day in October, Aidan Blu & his Mom came out to the rescue and toured the grounds. They gave the rescue $168.00! Aidan Blu we appreciate you tremendously and can't thank you enough for your kind heart! The animals love you! You are AWESOME! Thank you again!

Bless Isha at Hi'Iaka Florist of San Francisco for handmaking our Horse Garlands in this year's Fortuna Rodeo Parade! And a big thank you to Jimmy Jam for our awesome T-shirts! Isha & Jimmy Jam, Miranda's came away with this year's Trophy for Best Equestrian Group! Isha had the floral and greenery flown in from her Father's farm in Hawaii and shipped the garlands to our good friend Nancy Cavanaugh in time for the parade! Bless you all for your hard work.

Thank you to Fortuna Middle School Math Teacher, Norm Sotomayer, and his class for baking homemade dog biscuits! The class did an awesome job on the doggie treats! Thanks for braving the rain guys and bringing the much needed treats. Bring more whenever you like! Special thanks to Jennifer Fournier of Coast Central Credit Union for picking up all the ingredients!

Shown above is Lil' Ms. Cutie "Veda Raskin", Shannon & Shya. Veda and her Mom, Karen, stopped by to give Shannon & Dean wonderful gifts! Instead of presents for Veda's 6th Birthday, she wanted her friends to bring gifts to help Mirandas'; and did they ever! While waiting for Shannon to arrive, she was able to walk around the rescue and feed the big koi fish and watch turtles and toads and mandarin duck. She giggled at the cute baby bunnies and laughed at the goats.  She said hi to Sophie the pot-bellied pig and liked the chickens and geese too! Shannon brought over a horse for her to pet too. After a nice visit, Veda gave the rescue all the gifts...towels, a soft blanket, canned dog food, puppy food, cat food, a beautiful dog bed and $230.00 in cash! Thank you Veda, Mom Karen and too all your amazing friends who love animals. You have helped make a huge difference in their lives! Bless you!

Thank you to Camaris who is student from Garberville. Camaris did a food drive for the rescue as a school project. Although she had never been to the rescue before, she had heard about Mirandas and wanted to help the animals. She brought poultry feed, horse treats, cat & dog food & $20.00 too! Camaris you're awesome!!!! Her wonderful family took a tour to see some of the rescued animals. Unfortunately the lovely Humboldt Winter rain cut their time short. The dwarf hampsters were Camaris' favorite. Thanks so much Camaris for helping our organization. You're a true angel!

Brooke Haskell our web-dog photographer and good friend! We thank you for your love and passion in giving our rescued pooches lots of attention while taking the best pictures ever for our website/facebook! Roller Derby Rocks! We love ya!!!!

Stephanie Giles our HSU PR Intern. Steph has finished her intership with us and loves the rescue so much that she has decided to stay on volunteer wherever we need her. She has been an outstanding asset at our events, pet therapy and collaborating with other organizations to bring their support to the rescue! We so excited for you and your new vision (get it) for the future!!!! We love ya!

Maria Maria Maria! You are the marathon runner in the volunteer world! Is there anything you can't do? We can't thank you enough for the endless hours in the morning, afternoon, evening and late at night and before sunset in caring for the animals and helping out with projects to beautify the rescue property. We are so appreciative of everything you have done for us and the animals! We love ya!

THE BIG R! We don't know how you keep your head on straight answering all the those phone calls and filling out all that paperwork for us at the adoption office! Anyone who loves a real PB&J with lots o' butter (LOL) is well loved by us! Thank you for all you do! We love ya!

Ms. Marsha! Grant writer extraordinaire! Your positive, upbeat and unbelieveably smart and beautiful self is a joy to be around. Thank you for your hours of writing and submitting grants for us and helping out wherever we need you. We love ya dahling!

Jodie what would we do without you. You do it all! Coming in on the admin backend has been a huge help at the office. You have a knack for organization and making sense of a pile of paperwork. Thanks for the countless hours of running here and there and everywhere for the animals! We love ya!

Jessica this past summer would have been very crazy without your business smarts and organization in the office. You are skilled and gifted young woman and great mom too! Thanks for the love and support you so freely gave to us. We look forward to having you here anytime! We love ya!

Mr Logan, holy moses. You can knock out some insanely awesome woodwork. The Pergola ESPECIALLY is stunning and we hope to have many a couple married under those arches! And in the down-time it's HAMMOCK TIME! Hope those beams can support us...haha. Thanks for giving so much of your time to make the rescue an incredible venue to see!!!!! YOU ROCK!

Kaleb, Kasey, & guys are the most hard-working teens that we've ever had! Man you three can knock out some serious work. I mean the stained fencing in our new venue setting is simply outstanding! Thank you for sweatin' it out in cleaning stalls and paddocks and doing lots of the dirty work. The critters thank you, we thank you and We LOVE you ALL!!!!!!

Heather I don't know what we would have done without you in soliciting for donations at the last minute in Fortuna for our Open House. Thank you so much for representing us to the fullest! You are a blessing in our lives and we love ya!!!!

The Farm Store for hosting adoption events, pet fairs, donating feed & supplies and giving us unbelievable discounts!

To Bear River Casino annual donation to our Wine & Cheese Benefit!

Nancy and her staff at Fortuna Pet Shoppe for helping with events, fostering animals and taking care of our needs in any way they can!

Costco for donating food, feed & supplies to our Annual Wine & Cheese and throughout the year.

Ferndale Veterinary & North Coast Veterinary has been the primary provider of veterinary care for Miranda's Rescue since its inception. Their support has meant everything to the animals! Bless You!

R&S Supply, Nilsens, Fortuna Feed, and Main Street Feed for donating supplies and giving great discounts!

Dennis Rowe Plumbing has donated so much time in acquiring work permits and has donated numerous materials in keeping the rescue looking great

Thank you to the creative & progressively-minded staff at Precision Intermedia for constructing our website.

SunnyBrae Animal Clinic for hosting the annual giving tree that has brought in thousands of pounds of feed for our animals along with cash donations!

McKinleyville Animal Care Center accepts pet food donations for the shelter and makes many donations.


To ARF (Animal Relief Fund) our young, energetic & creative group of volunteers! You continue to impress us with how many ideas you come up with to raise funds for the shelter. You have helped make the lives of so many animals so much more enjoyable. Thank you for choosing us!

To our Vice President, Nancy Cavanugh. You hold a very special place in our hearts! Know that you will always have family with us.

To Brian Paris, our volunteer District Mgr over our thrift stores and being the driving force in orchestrating the Grand Opening of our new thrift store in Eureka! Working with you is extremely intense and full of fun. The future has no limits!

To Jerry Howard and his selling know-how and all the hours you've given to help sales at the McK Store!

To Margaret Stevens for creating our very first fiscal calendars. We look forward to your fresh perspectives and ideas. Thank you for giving so much of your time to the rescue.

To Maria, Ruthie & Georgia, & Tiffani the women behind our thrift stores! You gals ROCK! Thank you for all you do!

And to Mary Stanleigh for handling our bulk mailings! It's no easy task. It has taken a team of 15 volunteers to do what you do. You are amazing! We pray that you continue to feel better every day!  

To our feline educator and real estate expert, Alice Millington of Bless The Beasts. You're insightfulness has aided the rescue in so many ways. Thank you for your time at so many events and your willingness to always lend a helping hand.

Our dog/cat adminstrators, Susan Lacy & Kathy Pollard & Samantha Brewer, for overseeing operations at our dog/cat shelter, hosting our adoption events and stepping up to the plate in our time of need. You are real troopers! Thank you!

To Ken Lacy our sound engineer at our events! You've saved our hearing and made our voices loud and clear. We can't wait for the opportunity to see you rock-out with your band.

To Mette Bryans, our faithful dog behaviorlist, for having the patience, love and compassion to help the rescue all these years! She also donates all her time and proceeds from her dog training classes. These are available to the public in our agility field every Sunday during the summer months. Call the rescue for details. You're a saint Mette!

To Nancy Guider and her husband, Stewart, for all the wonderful contributions you've made to the rescue over the years! Bless you!!! Nancy you are an inspriration to all those who think the impossible is possible. We look forward to you returning soon!

Thank you to Dave Turner for working every Monday for so many years, rain or shine, to care for the shelter dogs! You're an angel!

To Carman & Emma Neitzke, Elain St. Aubin, Jeannne Rollins, Dayna Larson, Breanne Smith, Sandy and Nancy Warieka for all the hours you have given in caring for our dogs and cats! 

To Mike Wood for being at Costco's entrance to collect community donations for us and for picking up weekly donations.

To Ricki Wright in providing sanctuary for many of our abused animals. You have been a great foster mom and friend! We love ya!

To Melissa Norwood, Rita Boling, Lisa Whitten, Linda Burns and Arlene & Richard Rossotti for lending trailors for rescues and transporting donations. Many of you have helped in so many more ways. Know that we could not be where we are today without you.

And a special thank you to Arlene & Richard for being the tugboat in our parades so we can showcase some of our sanctuary furry friends.

To John & Jasmijn Kozlowski, Alex Ross & Lorraine Ross for your compassionate hearts and your willingness to offer help whenever we need it. You are so appreciated. We love ya guys!

To Jacque Debets for coming every day to help feed the animals!

To Ian McMahon. Where do we begin? At times you create more work for us (LOL!) but in all honesty the years of laughter you have given us is irreplaceable. You have never hesitated once in our time of need whether it be dashing over at 2am to help an injured arrival, building enclosures, repairing our equipment or looking after the children. We are forever indebted to your kind heart and friendship. You're turning out to be a darn good farrier too!

Shannon & Mikayla getting in some Dad and Daughter time at the Santa Rosa Gymkana State Championship Finals. Shannon is a Division 1 rider and Mikayla is in Division 5.