What's New

We have found that with Facebook that it's easier to instantly post pics and video of "what's new" for all to view rather than the tedious uploading process of a website. Click the facebook icon in the top right hand corner of any page on our website to see more of Miranda's Rescue!

Richard Rossotti Memorial Arbor - Click image below

Morgan Mimi Fieri Memorial Celebration Garden - Click image below

Christine & Jalmer Berg New Fence for Doggie Field! Click image below


New Rabbit Hutches!

10 Million thank you's to Nancy and her good friend Luis for building the rescue's new rabbit hutches! Partial funding came from a grant by the House Rabbit Society and discounted lumber from Craig Berry & Gina at Forbusco. Luis came 800 miles from SoCAl to do this for the rescue! We would welcome back Luis and his family anytime! Many blessings to you



Shown below is the hard work of anonymous Donors that generously stepped forward to build a new enclosure for the Parakeets, Diamond Doves, Button Quail, Finches and Cockatiels. They're living in a Lil Bit of Heaven now! Bless you and Thank you! 

The old aviary and the new aviary!

Pictured below are the two new Aviary Sanctuaries. On the left, is our outdoor Bird Aviary that houses Bobblehead, Blue & Red Bar Pigeons, Pheasants, Guniea Hens, Peacocks and Turkeys. On the right, is the new Exotic Bird Sanctuary that houses everything from Red Scarlet Macaws to African Grays.  


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