The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process

Some people fall in love the first time they go looking. For others it might take a number of trips to the shelter before they find that special someone. Once you have decided that you are ready to adopt, it can be frustrating if you don't find a suitable animal right away, but it's important to be patient. Remember that you are starting a relationship that will hopefully last many years, and it's more important to find a pet who is compatible than to take someone home that day. If you do find a dog or cat you are interested in, spend some time interacting and see how he or she relates to you.

Adopting a Dog

It's a great idea to go out for a walk together. Dogs are very social animals, and in a shelter environment they compete for human attention. Many dogs are much calmer and better behaved outside the shelter than they are in it. Other dogs, especially new arrivals, may be intimidated by the other dogs and are more outgoing away from them. Getting out in a quieter setting can give the dog a chance to interact with you one on one without a lot of distractions, and can let you see the dog in a more normal situation. Remember that the dog will be excited to be out and give her or him a little time to settle down. If you find a dog you like and already have dogs at home, it is also a good idea to bring your current dog(s) down to the shelter to meet their prospective new family member. Not only does this give you a chance to see them together, but it can be less stressful for your current pet to meet the newcomer on neutral ground. Most dogs are very territorial, and suddenly finding a stranger in their home is likely to cause defensive behavior. Once you have found a dog or cat whom you want to take home, you can fill out an application.

Click here for a copy of our dog adoption application.

Click here for the cat adoption application.

The questions on the form and any other questions you are asked during the adoption process aren't intended to be nosy; they are meant to insure that you can provide a home that is both loving and suitable for the animal in question.

All applications must be approved by Shannon Miranda. Once you have been approved, the adoption fees are due. The fee for a cat adoption is $60 / kittens $80. The fee for a dog adoption is $100 / puppies $125. The fees help to cover the cost of veterinary care for the animals and include the cost of spay or neuter surgery. If the dog or cat you have adopted is already fixed, he or she can probably leave with you that day. Otherwise, we will make an appointment for surgery at the soonest possible date. Male dogs and cats are often ready to be picked up the evening of the day they have surgery. Spaying is more invasive and usually requires an extra day for recovery. Before you take your new pet home, be sure and ask for a copy of his or her vaccination record. If the animal has been at the shelter for more than a short time, we will have of record of the vaccines received there.

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